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About Us

Twenty-five thousand eight hundred years ago, our beloved planet earth, also known by the name of her indwelling spirit soul, Gaia, traversed through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. In entering this black hole, Gaia ushered our planet into the third dimension.

Likewise, in December 2012, Gaia again entered the Milky Way Galaxy’s black hole, bringing us into not only the New Astrological Age of Aquarius, but also the Golden Age of the fourth dimension.

The Golden Age of the Fourth Dimension formally initiates our planet and its life-forms into an age of truth, love, peace and enlightenment. This new age promises that we, as souls incarnated into organic bodies, will progress into light-bodies and come to full consciousness. Like any major undertaking, this is a process and a process that must be allowed to progress forward according to the readiness of each individual soul. It is a developmental moving forward that is a part of the Creative Life Force’s Divine Plan.

For centuries now, Light-workers have been incarnating to earth to help with this gigantic and complicated process.

We here at Golden Age Psychics are dedicated to assist with this process and offer our talents, gifts and skills to help and guide souls on the path to Ascension. Blessings & Namaste to all who come here.

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