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A Fall 2015 Event

Article by: GAPS

Monday June 15,2015

We are divine beings.  The soul is immortal.  Our immortality has a consciousness that remembers our own moment of creation and our connection to the Creator.  Our awareness, when awakened, can access all knowledge and historical facts.  The 3D world is limiting.  Acceptance of our soul's knowledge and activity in the Universe and all positive thought creates positive change.  It opens our awareness to multi-dimensional experiences and parallel lives.  Focus and sustaining energy are the keys to manifestation.

For those consciously traveling the Ascension path, watch for downloading of higher forms of spiritual energy to filter down into the higher chakras above your crown chakra and into your organic body's main seven chakras. These energies will be coming from the higher dimensions and with Gaia's blessing.  These energies will touch your lives and hearts and that of all beings, according to their readiness.  This event will begin September 22, 2015 and last through Septembr 28, 2015.  The whole planet will be affected to some degree.  Beginning now, and especially the week prior to this six-day event, mark clearly your though projections of what you intend to manifest and allow these energies, during these six days, to guide and influence you in a positive direction.